Design development

Eschmann Textures develops high-quality surface structures for virtually any type of application in the plastic moulding industry. 

We have been realising individual structures for more than 25 years. Experience makes the difference.

Your ideas are our driving force. Get in touch.

Customer service

We provide our services for the benefit of our customers. A flexible repair service is a plus for modern plastics production as well as a  guarantee for long service lives and consistently high quality.


Coatings for better quality – whether it's for trendy matt plastic surfaces or for optimising injection moulded surfaces.

We will be happy to advise you.

Laser welding

Where the surface dictates that it cannot simply be touched up. Eschmann Textures now offers a flexible and high-quality repair solution for mould making. The material is protected and the tool retains its original quality.

Eschmann Textures supports its customers from the initial idea through to the
implementation. Modern graphics processing and innovative development tools
are the basis fortarget-orientated design development.

"State of the art" coating technologies and flexible customer service round off
our range of services! GET IN TOUCH.