Design development

Experience makes the difference

The surface specialist Eschmann Textures has been offering its customers creative
solutions for all modern surface structuring requirements for more than 25 years. 

Its advisory expertise based on years of experience as well as its continually evolving
know-how meets the highest standards and enables it to deliver competitive quality
anytime and anywhere. 


Eschmann Textures develops the ideal surface structure based on a variety of creative
suggestions and based on natural and synthetic patterns depending on the application. 

This makes Eschmann Textures one of the leading global suppliers in the field of surface
treatment in both the automotive and consumer products sectors. 

Its expertise in the fields of metallurgy and chemistry create aesthetically and functionally
attractive surfaces in perfect harmony with sophisticated craftsmanship. Customers can
choose from technical or organic-looking structures, which can then be incorporated into
plastic moulding tools with the utmost authenticity.