Laser welding

Laser welding has become a flexible repair solution in mould making in comparison
to conventional welding processes. 

Whether it's just small broken edges, larger contour areas or damage to high-quality
surface structures that need to be repaired – laser welding offers an inexpensive and
quick way to repair tools of different sizes and dimensions. 

Surface structures can be re-engraved manually after welding or repaired with conventional
etching technology using suitable print templates. Distortion-optimised structures can
also be repaired thanks to the opportunities offered by modern digital printing. An
advantage for surface structures produced in a laser-etching process.

Hard Facts

Areas of application:

  • Repair of defective plastic, die-casting or injection moulds
  • Repair of high-quality surface structures 
  • Wear, breakouts or temperature cracks on moulding tools


  • Less energy transfer onto the workpiece
  • Precise processing of delicate structures
  • Cost savings over other processes
  • Short processing times
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Reduction in damage to the workpiece
  • Flexible tool sizes can be processed

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