Ceramic technologies


for a much more wide variety of design

Cera-Shibo enables virtually 100% true-to-specification designs in an unrivalled short
reproduction time! Cera-Shibo can be removed and re- applied at any time – without
additional polishing work, wall thickness changes, etc.

The new technology allows a high degree of flexibility in tool making with regard to the
choice ofof materials (steel grades on request) and change management (welding, insert
splitlines, etc. are less critical compared to conventional etching technology). No special
surface polishes are required. Cera-Shibo also allow B-surface structuring (e.g. processing
of complex rib-reinforcing structures, wall thickness changes, etc.) 

Potential applications:

  • Individual design through to small series
  • Trademark protection with watermarks integrated into the structure
  • InMouldGraining (IMG)
  • Blow moulding
  • Silicone moulding tools
  • Foaming tools
  • Processing of expanded polypropylene (EPP)
  • Plastic injection moulding (including polypropylene, PU, etc.)

Mat surfaces

Cera-Mat is a flexible coating process in which microporous ceramic particles are
applied to surfaces.  

The process:

  • Replaces conventional processes 
  • Does not change the original design  
  • Reduces the gloss level on request  
  • Gives plastics a painted appearance 
  • Is reversible and easy to repair 
  • Has no restrictions in terms of tool dimensions
  • Can be applied in a short processing time

Design flexibility & component optimisation

A variable mixture of a ceramic base material is applied to the mould structure,  e.g. steel,
aluminium using a paint process. This can also achieve layer thicknesses above 300 µm. 

CeraCoat develops its specific properties with high tensile strength under constant and
controlled conditions during the tempering in a furnace.

The coating is:

  • Polishable (HGL only partially)
  • Machinable  
  • Reversible & flexible as required 
  • Repairable 
  • Heat-insulating  

Suitable for B-surface structuring (e.g. ribs, honeycomb structures, reinforcements, etc.),
wall thickness changes, optimisation of the heat balance – ideal for flexible change
management as well as component optimisation.  


Innovative tool technology

Fast and accurate in every detail for series production

The innovative Cera-Shell tool technology is pushing into new dimensions for the high-
quality yet inexpensive manufacture of TPO foils in an IMG process and the production
of PUR spray skins. Virtually all structure templates can be moulded with a previously
unimagined reproduction accuracy and transferred into production.

Short project times go hand in hand with new design possibilities and extremely
efficient production.

  • Unsurpassed processing times – in comparison with electroplated tools/
    moulds, amongst others

  • Models do not need to be leather-covered – contour changes can be made
    easily on the positive model