Laser technology

Endless variety

Eschmann Textures uses the innovative LaserTec process to offer new, previously
unimagined possibilities to improve the quality, appearance and harmony of all types
of decorative surfaces. The special feature: Ideas & inspirations can be transferred
into production technology with virtually no limits thanks to LaserTec.

It is possible to quickly and cost-effectively attain decision-making assurance as early
as the concept phase using 3D design visualisation. Decorative patterns developed in
this way are lasered into the moulding tool at a later stage. This gives products a
high-quality appearance – from individual parts through to standard products. 

Technical functional structures are also easy to implement with the LaserTec process,
e.g. for light reflection, friction, aerodynamics, etc. 

We have made further investments for you by continuing to develop the technology
and steadily expanding the areas of application. Since May 2013, we have also been
offering laser processing on two ultra-modern and high-performance systems at our
site in Gummersbach near Cologne. We can process tools with a weight of 1.7 t.
(Gummersbach) and up to 20 t. (Glossop, UK) with the systems available. 

Our specialist team can apply texturing, engraving, microstructuring, marking and
lettering to 2D geometries through to complex 3D geometries for your project in no
time at all. 

LaserTec - "In FOCUS"

  • Fully digital process chain with high repeatability
  • Realistic 3D component structuring (mapping) for optimum
    decision-making – interaction with the end user is possible to
    align the structure
  • Almost unlimited freedom of design through graphic development
    or by scanning templates and presenting them in greyscale
  • Direct lasering of complex 3D structures
  • Lasering and etching can be combined (e.g. for non-distorting textile
    structures, geometric patterns, etc.)
  • Laser technology is suitable for steel, aluminium and – with some
    restrictions– for electrode materials (copper, graphite, tungsten) 
  • Also idea for technical applications (ribs, honeycomb structures), fine
    lettering and much more ...
  • High-precision five-axis ablation with Ytterbium fiber laser
  1. Inspiration
    Freedom of design through graphic development or by scanning templates and presenting them in greyscale.

  2. The basis – your tool data
    Identification of the areas of the structure based on the final tool data (.igs. /.stp / .catia)

  3. "Chess Board" checker
    Identification of surface defects and optimisation of the structure in terms of size and development as a basis for the 3D rendering

  4. 3D rendering – the virtual part
    Decision-making support for the end user through realistic graphic representation – also possible with colour gradations and shading.

  5. Tool mapping – and now you are all set
    A negative structure based on the customer's approval as a basis for the laser process. Structures can also be positively lasered depending on the respective requirement.

  6. Through to the result...
    Processing simulation after setting up the tool and 5-axis processing.  

We will be happy to advise you.

Direkt Laser

Complex technical geometric structures directly lasered on the basis of greyscales for their look and feel.

The greater the number of processing stages, the more malleable the structure.

Laser + Etching

Graphics are lasered in paint and conventionally etched.

Advantage: "Fit to form" alignment of the structure and optimisation of the distortion, for example, over the complete mould contour.

Interaction with the customer is possible.

Laser "Lite"

Matt-gloss effects can be achieved with a combination of high gloss and fine structures.

A depth effect can also be depicted – with effective shallow structure depth – depending on the graphic template.

Laser "Brand"

Micro-decoration of tools, e.g. with (ultra-)fine structures, logos and lettering, technical structures, etc.
for even greater design flexibility