Materials expertise

Added value thanks to experience and expertise

Warehousing – near-net-shape
raw materials storage

Sawing – reliable processing

6-sided processing – the special
range of services

Mechanical processing – productive
and versatile

Heat treatment – quality and

Material selection and heat treatment play a key role with regard to the later graining
result! Even at the material procurement stage it is important to ensure that only
steels are used that are suitable for graining. Pre-processing is of major importance for
steel quality. A high purity factor with regard to oxides and purity, reduction in steel
parasites, fine and uniform microstructure as well as little segregation within the steel
lead to good graining results. 

If plastic parts are joined together to make one unit it is generally necessary that all
required moulds are made from the same material and undergo the sameheat treatment.
This reduces the risk of material-related deviations, e.g. in relation to the gloss level, grain
depth and quality.  

Plastic mould steel – an optimum choice of material from a wide range of products.
This is what our sister company Eschmann Stahl GmbH & Co. KG offers with the industry
know-how in the provision of tool and mould making that it has built up over the decades.
It also offers many services relating to steel based on the motto "everything from a single source".


First-class, versatile, high-quality – an all-rounder
for all areas!

  • Homogeneous properties over the entire
  • Excellent graining capability

Outstanding grain properties over the
entire cross-section

  • Very high thermal conductivity
  • Very high tenacity
  • Prehardened and tempered up to 1200 N/mm²

For greater production reliability and longer 

service lives!

  • Higher tenacity
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Improved sealing strength due to an
    increase in the hardness
  • Good machinability
  • An isotropic structure can be achieved
    through a special hardening process
  • Differing graining behaviour compared with ES Aktuell 1200 
    influenced by the material properties

Corrosion-resistant and excellent machinability!

  • Minimal tool wear
  • Very good weldability
  • Higher production reliability through increased tenacity
  • Also suitable for grained blow moulding
  • only in conjunction with ETX LaserTec. Only partially
    suitable for chemical etching

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