Competent partner – competent technologies

We develop the ideal surface structure for our customers –
competently, cost-effectively and in a time-efficient manner
– using innovative technologies.

Laser technology

The modern, high-precision laser process (LaserTec) opens up previously  unimagined freedom of design. Your ideas & inspirations can be transferred into production technology

with virtually no limits thanks to LaserTec. 

LaserTec can also be combined with conventional etching technology in many ways. We will be happy to advise you.

Ceramic technologies

Cera-Shibo is the only moulding technology to create true-to-specification designs in an unrivalled short reproduction time – for virtually any type of surface structure. 

The big advantage is the flexibility of the process: 

the ceramic layer (CeraSchibo) can be flexibly removed
and re-applied at any time.  

Etching technology

Traditional and tried-and-tested – attractive surfaces are created for a variety of plastic products with precision craftsmanship. The spectrum ranges from technical through to organic structures (graining) that are individually incorporated into plastic moulding (steel ) tools through chemical etching.

Materials expertise

Choosing the right material is of prime importance for ensuring a top-quality surface structure (grain). Our sister company Eschmann Stahl GmbH & Co. KG offers the right tool steel for virtually any application from a wide range of products. A sound basis from the outset.

Eschmann Textures uses innovative technologies to develop the ideal surface structure based
on a variety of creative suggestions and based on natural or synthetic patterns. Modern
prototype modelling processes conduct a precise and rapid evaluation of the surface structure
appropriate to the application concerned. 

Eschmann Textures therefore has technologies that facilitate time-saving and cost-saving
production. In this way, it can realise a wide variety of design ideas that could not be
implemented with conventional production methods up until now.